Top Bathroom Cabinet Colors for a Stunning Makeover

Top Bathroom Cabinet Colors for a Stunning Makeover

Top Bathroom Cabinet Colors for a Stunning Makeover


Your bathroom cabinets can make a big difference in the overall style and atmosphere of your space. Whether you're looking to update a tired old bathroom or designing a brand new one, choosing the right cabinet color is key. There are endless options to choose from, but we've rounded up the top bathroom cabinet colors that are sure to give your space an instant makeover. Keep reading to find out which colors are trending in 2021.

1. Blue

When it comes to bathroom cabinet colors, blue is a great option to consider. It’s a calming hue that creates a serene and spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Whether you choose a navy blue or a soft baby blue shade, it’s sure to add a refreshing pop of color to your space. Plus, it pairs well with other classic bathroom colors like white and gray.

2. Light Grey

If you’re looking for a neutral color that’s not too boring, then light grey is a great option for your bathroom cabinets. It goes well with almost any color scheme and provides a clean, modern look. Light grey cabinets also pair well with different finishes such as brushed nickel and matte black, giving you the freedom to experiment with various hardware options.

3. Black

For a bold and dramatic look, black bathroom cabinets are a great choice. This color adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, making it look brighter and more spacious. Black cabinets work well in small and large spaces alike and when paired with white walls and other light-colored accessories, it creates a breathtaking contrast.

4. Sage Green

This muted green hue is another popular choice for bathroom cabinets as it adds a calming and soothing touch to the space. It pairs best with warm tones and natural textures such as wood and stone to create a spa-like ambiance. Sage green is ideal for those who want a relaxed yet impactful bathroom design.

5. Coral

If you are feeling adventurous, then coral is the color for you. This vibrant hue is perfect for adding a pop of color to your bathroom. Coral bathroom cabinets pair well with white walls and natural wood accents. If you decide to go with this bright color on your cabinets, it is best to keep the rest of the bathroom decor minimal to avoid overwhelming the space.



Selecting the perfect bathroom cabinet color can transform your space into a beautiful, relaxing oasis. From calming blues to bold blacks, there are endless options to choose from. Consider your personal taste and the atmosphere you want to create when selecting the perfect shade. At Pro Work Construction, our expert team can help you design and build the perfect cabinets to enhance your bathroom's style and functionality. So, if you're looking for cabinet builders in Orlando, FL, contact us today for a free estimate.

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