Latest Laundry Room Trends You Need To Know About

Latest Laundry Room Trends You Need To Know About

Latest Laundry Room Trends You Need To Know About


Laundry rooms are among the most frequently used spaces in our homes. However, in the past, they were often overlooked and relegated to a small and often dingy space in a basement or tucked away in a dark corner. Fortunately, times have changed and today's laundry rooms are designed to be practical, efficient and stylish. In this blog post, we'll explore the latest laundry room trends that you need to know about.


1. Multi-Purpose Laundry Rooms

In today's homes, space is often at a premium, so it makes sense to create multi-purpose laundry rooms. For instance, you could use your laundry room as a home office, craft room or even a workout space. You could also design your laundry room to double as a mudroom, with plenty of storage space, hooks, and benches to keep your muddy boots and coats in order. Homeowners can also incorporate laundry rooms into their versatile floor plans and enhance the functionality of their homes.

2. Smart Technology and Appliances

Investing in smart technology appliances can make your laundry routine faster and more efficient. For example, some washing machines come with smart sensors that can detect when clothes are clean and stop the cycle. You could also use an app to remotely control your smart washer or dryer and receive alerts when the cycle ends. Plus, you can add a compatible smart home system that can automatically order detergent when running low. Not only are these appliances efficient, but they can also reduce energy consumption and make the process eco-friendlier.

3. Outdoor-Inspired Design

One trend that continues to grow in popularity is the outdoor-inspired laundry look. Incorporating natural elements, soft colors, and textures not only works to add warmth and comfort to your home design, but it also can make your laundry room more pleasing to be in. You can create a natural laundry room by adding wood finishes, wicker baskets, and plants. Include a few wall-mounted drying racks, and your laundry room will have a natural and comfortable look.

4. Bold Walls and Flooring

Another trend to keep in mind when updating your laundry room is to incorporate bold walls and flooring. Two-tone cabinets, patterned wallpaper, and bright floor tiles can make a laundry room feel more like a dressed-up space rather than just an afterthought. Using paints, wallpaper, and floor tiles with bright colors, patterns, and designs can make laundry time more enjoyable and energizing.

5. Laundry Folding and Storage Stations

Lastly, adding a laundry folding and storage station is an effective way to create a convenient and organized laundry environment. Installing cabinetry and countertops can maximize storage, provide a space for folding clothes, and keep everything organized.



The last thing you want in your home is a gloomy, cluttered laundry room that makes you cringe each time you enter. Thankfully, with the laundry room trends mentioned above, you now know what is possible. Whether you opt for multi-purpose spaces, smart appliances, outdoor-inspired designs, bold flooring, or storage stations, each enhancement can make a significant update in your laundry room. At Pro Work Construction, we strive to make your home as comfortable and functional as possible, and our laundry trends ideas will help do just that! If you need help with residential renovation in Orlando, FL, contact us today for free estimates.

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