Kitchen Cabinet Construction Styles You Need to Know About

Kitchen Cabinet Construction Styles You Need to Know About

Kitchen Cabinet Construction Styles You Need to Know About


Your kitchen is an important part of your home and the cabinets you choose can make a huge difference in the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. It's essential to understand the different kitchen cabinet construction styles to help you make informed decisions when choosing the best cabinets for your home. Let's dive in and explore some of the popular cabinet construction styles that you need to know about.


1. Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are a popular choice for modern kitchens. With frameless cabinets, there is no face frame to the front of the cabinet box, allowing for more storage space. Frameless cabinets are also known for their sleek, contemporary look. Their design allows for easier access, making it perfect for small kitchens where space is a premium. The European-style cabinet hinges used in frameless cabinets also make it easy to adjust or remove cabinet doors without affecting the rest of the cabinets.

2. Traditional Face Framed Cabinets

Face-framed cabinets are more traditional in style and are the most common type of kitchen cabinet construction. These cabinets are recognizable by their visible frame around the doors and drawers. The face frame adds support and strength to the cabinet. Traditional Face-framed cabinets are easy to install, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

3. Custom Cabinets

If you have specific requirements for your kitchen cabinet design, then custom-made cabinets are the perfect solution. Custom cabinets are built based on your specific needs and preferences, making them a unique addition to your home. The downside of custom cabinets is that they may be more expensive due to the high level of customization involved.

4. Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets combine the benefits of both stock and custom cabinets. They offer limited customization, allowing you to choose from a range of pre-designed styles and finishes. This makes them a popular choice for homeowners who want unique cabinets that are not too expensive.

5. Ready to Assemble (RTA) Cabinets

RTA cabinets are delivered to your home in a flat pack, ready for you to assemble and install. They are affordable and are an excellent option for those who want a more hands-on approach to their kitchen renovation. They are also a popular option for homeowners who want to keep the cost of their kitchen renovation low.



Choosing the right kitchen cabinet construction style is essential to ensure that your kitchen looks beautiful and functions optimally. Understanding the various kitchen cabinet styles such as frameless cabinets, traditional face-framed cabinets, custom cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and RTA cabinets, can help you make informed decisions when choosing the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Whatever your budget or design preference, there is a cabinet construction style for everyone. If you are looking for cabinet builders in Orlando, Florida, contact Pro Work Construction for free estimates. Let us help you create your dream kitchen today!

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